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Uniforms Make the Man

As I like to point out, we are only echos of our fathers. Seems, things do not change.

George Martin

04 28 1864 [Thursday]

“When we left Kinsport we expected to go to Ash County, N C only a few miles (50 or 60) from Bristol to rest our horses, but when we got there, we found to remain would be to suffer starvations both man & beast, so, Genl [John Crawford] Vaughn pushed on over the roughest mountain road (for 75 more miles) that you ever saw to a better place called Hickory Tavern on the R Road 20 miles below Morganton where we found an abundance of hay & Commissary stores, he then scattered his Brigade putting a Regt or two at different points on the Road where it was convenient to supply them, I selected Newton [NC] for my Hd Qtrs as there are more pretty girls here than at any place on the road, we are the first troops that have ever been in this part of the state, and the Citizens nearly go crazy over us, they cant do enough for a ‘poor soldier,’ and the girls think the Confederate uniform is sufficient pass port to Heaven.” .” (Thomas Lyon Wallace)

February 1861 - In his dormitory room, Nassau Hall, at Princeton University, nineteen year old Freshman Thomas Lyon Wallace of Knoxville, noted that only " . . . about half as many [Southern boys] here now as were last session." Tom, the son of "Major" Campbell Wallace, President of the East Tennessee and Georgia Railroad, with headquarters in Loudon, East Tennessee, would soon also depart the University, and later serve the 43rd Tennessee regiment as Assistant Commissary of Subsistance Officer (ACS).

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