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Talking About Others

Here's a new rule for this message board. Please do not discuss other posters on this message board in the third person, i.e., "He does this.", "She said that." If you wish to speak to another contributor respectfully, you may do so on the message board. If you have a criticism or other critical remark that you would like to make about another participant in our discussions. Please exchange email addresses and take your discussions off of this site.

Finally, do not justify your remarks by stating that your remarks are exclusively "the truth", that you are THE researcher on this site. It is foolishness, to think one person or one group possesses "the truth" or is the only one able to interpret or understand what they are reading.

These message boards can certainly handle partisanship. I expect it and must admit that I am partisan regarding the subject matter, in many ways. I will not tolerate zealotry, which is a form of fanaticism. I believe it is enriching to human beings, that even if we don't understand or agree with others, that we attempt to understand and honor the sincerity of their beliefs without attacking their character or their motives.

From my perspective, when you insult, name-call or demean others on this message board, you do not degrade them in my eyes. You degrade and lessen yourself.

Messages violating the above rule or that attempt to unduly inflame the discussions here will be removed.


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