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A strange spy

"Reports of Col. Samuel XV. Ferguson, C. S. Army. FALLs PLACE, April 7, 1863. MAJOR: I have fallen back to this point, and will continue my march down the creek to-day until I find a position that can be held by my force against the advance of the enemy. The latter crossed Black Bayou yesterday, near General Frenchs place, to the number of about 300, and had large camp and a train of wagons on the other side, ready to cross as soon as they could get a bridge fixed. General Steele seems to be in command. One of my spies, disguised as a negro, had a long talk with him. He said he intended to pick me up at Rolling Fork and put me on his boats. This may be only a boast, or may indicate that they wish to get possession of the country from Rolling Fork to Black Bayou, and then clear Deer Creek of obstructions...."

I thought this interesting..."disguised as a negro".

David Upton