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"Welcome back to The Marty Stuart Show, ladies and gentlemen. Hey. Mississippi sponsors our show and I'm proud of that coz that's my home state. Now if you wanna see beauty and history all wrapped into a mighty spirit, you might enjoy a visit to the great Mississippi gulf coast. Pretty sand, warm water. Nice people, Mr. Snider. Beautiful flowers and trees. Now that's all the beauty of it. And a significant, historical marker on the coast is Beauvoir the last home of Confederate legend Jefferson Davis. Beauvoir, along with the Confederate Museum, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier offer history. And the mighty spirit I spoke of belongs to all the good people. Still standin', unmoved by Hurricane Katrina. They're buildin' back again. How 'bout a hand for my fellow Mississippians. That's mighty. Speakin' of mighty."

David Upton

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