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Oldest Confederate Widow

My Grandmother saved 100erds of News paper clips, this was one.

By, Wanda King Courier Democrat,( no date )

Ola Arkansas Woman is the oldest Confederate Widow, Mrs Lula Lewis of Ola is the oldest living Confederate Army widow in nation. No soldier who fought in the civil war ( 1861- 1865 ) is still living, 272 of their widows still survive. Lula married Harvey Lewis in 1896 at the Dutch Creek Community in Yell County, Arkansas. Although at the time she said she was just 96 years old, a national news story shows her age from the army records to be 105 years old. The news clip said she had nine children and one step-son, 34 grandchildren, 94 great-grandchildren and 32 great great grand children. Mrs. Lula traveled by covered wagon from Mississippi to Yell county, Arkansas when she was 12 years old.

just a little history from Arkansas.