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Friday Aug 5, 1864
Famous Farragut
The battle of Mobile Bay opened at 6an this morning.The monitor USS Tecumseh leading the charge past the guns of Ft. Morgan when she struck a mine (called torpedoes in those days) She sank in minutes taking 90 of her 114 men down including the Captian. It was at that moment that Admiral Farragut, aboard the moniter Hartford shouted "Damn the torpedo's, full speed ahead. (more quatable than yesterdays statement.) By nightfall Ft. Morgan was blown up. The final Gulf port was closed. Farragut, no fool was in the second ship going in.

If you have never visited historic Ft. Morgan, now would be a good time. My fellow Alabamaians have not had a very profitabe summer and our gulf coast is making it very afforable to beat the heat right now. Come on down youall.

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