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150 Years Ago Today....137 Days from Secession

New York Times, August 5, 1860

The steamship Australasian, which arrived at this port on Saturday evening, brings us European advices to the 25th ult., and the Kangaroo, which arrived off Cape Race on Saturday, to the 26th. The news by these arrivals is highly interesting and important. From Syria we learn that peace had been restored between the Druses and the Maronites, the latter of whom there seems to be good reason for charging with the original responsibility of their own disasters, and that the Porte had protested against the intervention of France. It is also reported that the Syrian question will be dealt with summarily in a Conference of the Powers at Paris. Sicily had been entirely evacuated by the Royal troops, and GARIBALDI, in whose councils the MAZZINI misleaders seem to be gaining a perilous influence, was supposed to be on the point of passing over into Calabria. The interest of the public, however, will be partially drawn away from the Syrian and Sicilian questions by a very remarkable speech of Lord PALMERSTON on the national defenses, which had caused a fall of the funds at Paris, and provoked strong expressions of dissatisfaction from Mr. BRIGHT and Mr. BERNAL OSBORNS, the latter of whom declared that cordial relations between France and England had been made impossible by the language of the Premier.

The latest intelligence from Costa Rica announces the fact that Mr. AMBROSE W. THOMPSON has succeeded at last in procuring from the Government of Costa Rica what will probably prove the most important Railroad grant yet obtained on the Isthmus. It is to continue eighty years, the roadway to be three hundred yards wide, with alternate sections on either side donated in fee. The ports of each end of the road are to be free, and the troops and messengers of the Government are to be carried over it free of expense. The road will run from the Bay of Coronada, on the Pacific, to the Point of Carita on the Atlantic. The terms of the grant are exceedingly liberal, and in case of any disagreement as to the meaning of the articles of agreement the Supreme Court of Chili are to act as arbitrators.

By our dispatches from Washington, we learn of the departure from that city for New-York, of Dr. ZEGARBA, the Peruvian Minister, with dispatches giving details of the settlement of the French claims against Peru. Five thousand dollars are to be paid the claimant in consideration of the sufferings of his family. The salute to the French flag is waived as unnecessary. The judge is not to be dismissed, but Peru agrees that hereafter any Frenchman may object to be tried by him. On the part of our Government, an indemnity is demanded for the owners of the two ships who claim damages, and a mixed Commission to be appointed, to settle all other claims. Five days wee allowed for an answer, which, as concerns the indemnity, the Peruvian Minister is certain would be unfavorable.

The Prince of Wales arrived at Frederickston, the seat of Government of New-Brunswick, at 6 o'clock P.M. on Saturday, and was received with demonstrations similar to those which have greeted him at every place at which he has stopped. Yesterday he enjoyed a day's repose, and to-day he will receive addresses at the Government House, and will hold a levee in the evening.

The further returns of the North Carolina election received, indicate that the gains for POOL, the Opposition candidate for Governor, are very heavy, but not sufficiently so to affect the probability of ELLIS' election. The Democratic majority in the State, however, is reduced at least one-half since 1858, when ELLIS had a majority over McRAE of upwards of 16,000.

State elections take place to-day in Arkansas, Kentucky and Missouri. In Arkansas, as all the candidates are Democrats, not much interest centres in the election. The Breckinridge wing, however, will probably succeed. In Kentucky only a Clerk of the Court of Appeals is to be chosen. In Missouri a Governor and other State officers and seven members of Congress are to be elected. There are no less than four candidates for Governor in the field, and an indefinite number for Congress. The interest, however, principally centres in the First Congressional District, where the contest has been very spirited.

W.B. CLIFTON, Esq., a prominent merchant of Louisville, Ky., a member of the firm of JAMES HEWITT & Co., of Liverpool, died on Saturday, and his funeral was attended by four hack-loads of blacks, formerly his slaves, whom he manumitted a short time previous to his death.

The Great Eastern passed Cape Henry at 5 o'clock on Friday evening, and reached Old Point Comfort at 6 o'clock. A dispatch from Baltimore announces her arrival off Annapolis yesterday afternoon at 5 o'clock. The excursionists on board are reported to he much pleased with the trip, no such annoyances having occurred as on the excursion to Cape May.

The Stock Market on Saturday closed with a further advance in prices on the New-York and Western shares; the speculation for the rise being to all appearances stronger than at any time since the movement set in. New-York Central 85, Rock Island 81 1/4. No change in Money or Foreign bills.

Cotton without change; demand light. Coffee is buoyant, the supply limited. Molasses is inactive, ubt firm. Rice is without change. Sugars are less active, but the rates are steady. Naval Stores generally unchanged. Flour and Wheat without much change, and in good demand. Corn is quiet, and closes heavily. Pork is rather lower. Beef and Lard firm.

David Upton