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Saturday Aug. 6 1865
Sherman Sacks Southern Supplies
Utoy Creek a small waterway southwest of Atlanta, GA. has been the scene of fighting for the last three days
Shermans forces cut the railroad lines leading south out of the city.
They were the last lines of support to the town.

My wifes great-grandfather Sgt. Timothy H. Worley was wounded in the battle of Atlanta and forced to resign.
"Gun shot wound with minnie ball entering right groin passing under and cutting neck of bladder and lodging in
the large joint of the left hip." The minnie ball stayed lodged there til his death in 1914. He fathered 6 children
after the war. He joined Co. D 52nd GA. Regt. at age 19, one of 4 brothers that fought in several Ga. Regt.

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