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150 Years ago Today...136 days from Secession

Daily True Delta, New Orleans, LA.

Breckinridge and Lane Demostrations, 155,005 Present at Ward Meeting. Seven hundred thousand young men favorable to Breckenridge and Land, in procession in New Orleans- The Cotton States in Revolution- The Union Dissolved, etc. etc.

The old Third Ward was to be the scene of the least protentious trial of the forces; the Templars' Hall was the location of the more important demonstration. In the Third Ward arrangements had been made by opposing parties to organize Ward Clubs- the National Democrats having published their intention to form a Douglas Club, and the bogus Democrats, Secessionist and sham Southern fire-eaters, having advised their supporters (provided they had any) to be on hand to constitute a Breckinridge Club....Impossed with the magnitude and importance of these Breckinridge efforts last night, compared to which the immortal Mrs. Chick's sink into insignificance, we let our imagination do something in the commencement of our notice, but upon calm relection upon the sorry realities, we beg to asure our readers and the rest of mankind, that the Cotton States are new immensely more busy thw the great staple than with revolutions, that the Union is a fixed fact, that 5 instead of 155,005 persons were at the Third Ward Breckinridge meeting last night, and that 70 instead of 700,000 Young Men, some of them very young and others rather old, were at the Breckinridge Young Men's gathering at Templar's Hall.

Lone Star Base Ball Club.- This Club has elected the following gentlemen officers for the ensuing term: R. McVey, President; J.P. Kenigston, Secretery; Jno. Kelleher, Treasurer; Mathew Feeny, Steward, and Wm. Dunn and Jno. Watson, Captains.

Captain Ewell's Campaign- The Provisional Government, Etc.-- From the letter dated Tucson, June 14, we extract the following:


Captain Ewell's Campaign- Nothing definite is as yet known of Captain Ewell's movements against the Apaches of the Chiricabue Mountains. It is believed that he has attacked them and is carrying on a vigorous campaign, as the Indians did not comply with his demand for a return of the stock recently stolen. A train was attacked by them some six days ago, at Apache Pass, and although they had a large force, they were repelled with the loss of one killed and several wounded. The wagon-master counted over seventy Indian, and as some were armed with rifles, it is surprising that they were forced to retreat. We learned yesterday that Captain Ewell was on his way to Fort Buchanan for a further supply of provisions and forage. I have heard of but one attempt by the Indians to commit depredations in this vicinity for several weeks. They have been unusually quiet for some time, and Capt. E.'s campaign may have a tendency to check them for some time.

The Provisional Government-- The mining excitement completely suspended the operations of our Provisional Government, and we are again without the protection of law....Judges and Sheriff, with many of their constituency, were lured to the mines, and the new government, while yet in its infancy, was suspended. Should it be suffered to die out, we have the alternative of living as heretofore, in disorder and anarcy, or recognizing the Territorial Government of New Mexico, which, with its strong Mexican preclivities, affords the semblance of law and little of its substance.


A heavy business.--The freight transportation business of the Memphis and Charleston Railroad at this time is truly immense....

First Bale of New Cotton.--The steamer Victoria arrived form below last night, bringing the first bale of the new cotton crop received in this city.

First Hogshead of Tobacco.-- The first hogshead of tobacco, of the new crop, was received in this city yesterday by the Memphis and Ohio Railroad.

Milwaukee, Wis.,

S. M. Booth Released from Prison by a Posse of Armed Men.

Carlinville, Ill.,

Douglas Ratification Meeting- Nearly 10,000 attend.

Boston, Mass.,

Chief Justice Shaw of the Supreme Court of Massachusetts, announces his resignation in September.

David Upton

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