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Re: 150 Years Ago Today... August 17, 1860

["That we recognize the equality of the States and their equal rights in the Territories, and that Congressional intervention to protect and benefit a particular species of property peculiar to a portion of the States, while such protection is denied to all other property, is unequal, unjust and subversive of the great principal of the non interference of Congress with slavery in the States or Territories, and in violation of the Constitution, and tending to weaken the bonds of Union; and that all threats or disunion to coerce such intervention, or in retaliation for its refusal, are dangerous invasions of the rights of the States and the citizens there of, and that in such a struggle we will stand by the Union against disunion.
…we [The State of New York] receive Douglas and Johnson as the democratic candidates for President and Vice President…

That nothing will prove so disastrous to the peace and integrity of the Union, as the election of Abraham Lincoln, the sectional candidate of the Republican Party, and therefore we invite all conservative citizens to secure his defeat by withholding from him the thirty-five electoral votes of New York, and to give their support to the electoral ticket presented by this convention."]

After our last election cycle for the top seat, I'd think we can relate, somewhat, to the really heated cussions and discussions that went on. I still find it hard to imagine Abe being elected and not being on the ballot in a lot of states. Who counted the votes I wonder? Were they bought or padded?

The museum sounds nice but what else was in Elba? Duhh, that's why the needed the museum.


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150 Years Ago Today... August 17, 1860
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