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*************************New York Times, September 19, 1860*************************

The Europa, with London dates to the 9th inst., passed Cape Race on Sunday evening, and a brief summary of her news appears in this morning's paper. It is of an important character. The King of Naples has fled to Gaeta, en route, it is affirmed, for Madrid. He is said to have accepted the refuge and hospitality tendered him by the Queen of Spain. GARIBALDI, on the 6th inst., was at La Cava, within twenty miles of Naples. It was believed that he would be in the capital on the 7th of the current month. The intelligence of the fall of the Bourbon dynasty is accompanied by rumors of scarcely less importance. An insurrection had broken out in Pesaro, in the Roman territory, and the people had defeated the Papal troops. The advance guard of the Piedmontese army had entered the Marches, to preserve order. In Venitia, too, a formidable Garibaldian conspiracy had been discovered. Austria is making immense defensive preparations in her Italian territories. Details of intelligence by the Jura, whose arrival at Quebec has been announced, and by the Kangaroo, which arrived at this port yesterday, will also be found in this morning's TIMES.

The steamship Empire City arrived at this port yesterday from Havana, and brings particulars of the capture of Gen. WALKER in Honduras, already briefly announced by telegraph. It was believed that the authorities of Truxillo, to whom WALKER had been handed over by the Captain of the British man-of-war Icarus, would shoot him and his chief officer RUTTLER. The rest of the men would be allowed to return to the United States, and the expenses of the journey were to be defrayed by the American commercial agent.

Advices from Vera Cruz to the 2d inst. are received by way of New-Orleans. The Liberal forces were rapidly concentrating at the City of Mexico, and an attack was expected to commence on the 8th, when a force of 20,000 men would have been collected. MIRAMON was in the city, having an army of 7,500 men. He was expected soon to proclaim another forced loan -- this time to be levied exclusively upon Mexicans. It was reported that DEGOLLADO had released the Bishop of Guadalajara from custody.
The late gale in the Gulf of Mexico noticed in the TIMES of yesterday, appears to have been unusually severe in its character, and has involved a greater loss of life and property than any which has occurred for years. From New-Orleans we learn that the brig West Indian was lost at the Pass a l'Outre, together with ten persons who were on board; and that several lighthouses on the Mississippi coast were blown over. At Mobile, five steamboats were sunk, and the ship R.H. Dixcy, from New-York, was blown ashore on the lower bar, and the captain and several of the crew perished. As the gale must have extended over a great surface of the Gulf, it will probably be some time before we shall ascertain the full extent of the damage done.
The Royal party left Niagara Falls early yesterday morning for Queenston, where the Prince laid the top stone of BLOCK's Monument, received an address from the veterans of 1812, and made a lengthy reply. From Queenston the party went by boat to Niagara and Port Dalhousie; thence by rail via St. Catharines, arriving at Hamilton at 4 P.M. They were conducted through town with an immense procession to their residence. In the evening the Prince attended a concert by the Philharmonic Society. To-day he opens the Provincial Fair, which is expected to be the most extensive one ever held in Canada. The Prince has sent BLONDIN, the Prince of Ropers, $300.

Senator DOUGLAS, yesterday, went from Syracuse to Rochester, being received by crowds, as usual, at each stopping place. At Rochester he addressed a multitude similar in its proportions to that of Syracuse. The only new feature in his speech was an allusion to the Missouri Compromise, which he claimed to have supported so long as the Free States were willing to abide by it. A procession paraded the streets in the evening, with music, torches, &c.

There was no meeting yesterday of the St. Nicholas Fusion Committee. Mr. RICHMOND took his departure for home, and all things wait the moving of the political head-waters. No Breckinridge man, it is said, will be tolerated on the electoral ticket.
At the meeting of the Young Men's Republican Union, last evening, stirring addresses were made by GEO. WM. CURTIS, Mr. RICHARDS, of Berks County, Penn., and others, and steps were taken to defray the expenses of circulating a German life of LINCOLN in Mr. RICHARDS' district.

GORDON, the murderer, whose escape from Denver, in the Pike's Peak Region, and his subsequent recapture, have already been noticed, had an examination on Monday, at Leavenworth, which resulted in his discharge for want of jurisdiction. An attempt was immediately made to lynch him, but he was saved by lodging him in jail. A party of his friends subsequently undertook to remove him from the place, but they were surrounded by an excited mob, who came very near capturing him, but the interference of the authorities again saved him, and he was again returned to the jail. He was then arrested on another warrant, and will be taken back to Denver.

DA COSTA, the alleged slave agent of the bark Kate, who has made so many unsuccessful efforts to get bail, was yesterday released from custody on the bonds of Mr. PHILO BEEBE. It is understood that $5,000 were deposited as security with the bondsman.

******************************The Daily True Delta**********************************

The Storm At the Balize.- Additional Particulars- Whole Families Swept Away- [Nearly fifty people are known missing or dead; every dwelling in the place was destroyed; thirteen known steamships, barks, schooners, brigs, towboats, pilot boats, and luggers were sunk, aground or lost]

**************************The New Orleans Commercial Bulletin**********************

It is said the cotton crop of North Carolina will be greater this year than ever before.


Five young women, dressed in boys’ clothes, were arrested in Wheeling Va., last Friday night.


Wholesale Manumission.- Dr. Thomas Butts, of Southhampton, Va., who died recently, has directed in his will that all his servants, 105 in number, shall be freed.


What They Have Said.- [very long article of past speeches and resolutions over the last four years by slave States] Gob. Gist, of South Carolina, in his message to the legislature of that State in November of last, used the following language:

“With an united South our course would be clear, and our future glorious; we could enforce equality in the Union, or maintain our independence out of it. If, as I solemnly believe, we can no longer live in peace and harmony in the Union—notwithstanding the associations of the past, and the remembrance of our common triumphs, (being treated as enemies and aliens, rather than brethren of the same family, and heirs of the same inheritance, by the North,) we can form a Confederacy with ability to protect itself against any enemy, and command the respect and admiration of the world…The election of a Black Republican President will settle the question of our safety in the Union.”….


The Gale At East Pascagoula.- Great Distress- … Some ten families are left not only houseless, but entirely destitute. Their little all has been swept away forever….


The Storm At Mobile and Vicinity.- [damage estimate at 1.5 million dollars, 2,820 bales of cotton lost, Point Clear Hotel flooded, ships, boats and crews missing.]


********************************The Courier************************************

Intense Unionism.- …It will be admitted by all that we are living in troublous and exciting times Treason seems to stalk with impunity throughout the land….Black Republicanism, under the device of Unionism at-any-price, is making rapid encroachments in our midst, and New Orleans is fast gaining the reputation o being “a Northern city in the heart of a Southern community.” Can the sons of Louisiana and of the South, whose lot and whose fortunes have been voluntarily cast and commingled with our own, remain dupes any longer of heartless demagogues, and acquiesce in tame submission in the degrading fate which awaits them?...


Cruelty to Animals.- The slaves Henry and Wyatt, both dray drivers, were arraigned before Recorder Emerson yesterday, on the charge of cruelly beating a mule. The owners of the slaves furnished bonds for their appearance on the 19th inst.


Later From Pike’s Peak.- About two hundred and fifty Sioux Indians attacked a Pawnee village, one hundred miles West of Denver City. Our cavalry troops are approaching the scene of the difficulties.

The Vigilance Committees are waging a war of extermination against the gamblers, two of whom were hung on the 6th inst.

David Upton

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