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["A Connecticut Slaver.- The Greenport (L. I.) Watchman of the 8th says that the Montauk, a fast sailing whale ship belonging in Sag Harbor, was sold last March to a New London man, taken to New York and nominally fitted for a whaling voyage. The attention of the U.S. Marshal or some of his deputies was called to the singular and unusual style of her preparations for whaling; but, though suspicions were aroused, nothing tangible could be found against her, and she was permitted to depart.
She proceeded to Africa, got a cargo of slaves, and landed 1,300 Africans on one of the Windward Islands. An arrangement was made with the Cuban authorities to enter them at $50 a head, and then they were publicly sold in the island for $1,000 apiece"]

Well what do we have here? Will read the rest of the paper in a bit. Gotta run some errands.


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