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["Now that treason has become so popular, we think that the Yancey-Breckinridge party should erect a monument and a statue to Aaron Burr."]

Now that's funny. Don't care who ya are.
I'm trying to sort through this but it has my brain going like a washer on the spin cycle. More fires. Hmm, ok. I have no idea what the 'norm' was then but it's not off the mark to give a few to the fact that they cooked with fire, they had em going in their yards and a whole lot more. If the draught conditions were as severe as they sound, that could have also added more trouble to the mix. How one could figure out what caused which one would be impossible at this late date. If residents in a specific city, town or territory were to hear of more than the average numbers in their particular locale, they might scratch their heads and think ====arson???? We just don't know.

Back to my reading now.


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