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The War Between the States, the War for Southern Independence was the most inevidable war that this country has ever fought. The cause were simply a question of Government and how it was to be implimented. This cause was present even before the ink was dry on the Treaty of Paris in 1783. Jefferson vs Hamiliton.

It was not a question about slave ownership or of northern state verses southern states. It was about the powers that was to be allocated to the President, the Congress, and the States themselves. And we are still arguing that cause to this date. That is why there is a good possibility that we may fight that war again over the same issues at some time in the future.

And that is the proof of the matter. If there still remains a cause of the War that still exists today, then all the other "Causes" are proven to be mute. Because they have been corrected in our culture. But the "root cause" has not been. The "correction" that we presently live under, which forces us to accept the present rule of the Washington Government that we have, was forced upon us at the point of a bayonet not by the collective will of a free people.

Why are you afraid to pay your income tax? Even Senate Majority leader Sen. Harry Reid has said that it is a "Voluntary Tax". The fact is we are afraid of that Government and what it can do against us. Was that what Jefferson and the rest intended for us to live under?

What happened to the southern people in 1865 did not answer the question of government that the southern people had in 1861. What happened to them in 1865 was no different that what was happening to millions of peoplle in Europe under those Kings.

I need to go no further that the evening news of today to demonstrate how far we are from the Constitution of 1789.

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