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JAKEo, Jim

In reference to post---


Yes I stand by that as a portion of a post I made, it is not however the full content of the post. And it is portion is cherry picked from the whole post by you.

Just wanted to see how far I could take you. I could very well match you are even do better, but then I lower myself to your standards. I told you once I can give as well as take and that was my only point in following your to give you an example of how disrespectful disruptive and foolish doing something like that is to not only me but other readers as well you can be all the butt you want to be I can match or top you, but that is not my choice. Why go out of my way to disrupt Jim's board and risk the possibility of being banned?

Now I am tired of playing with your ignorant, greater than thou, self rightous, repeating self. I have proved every point I set out to do and they are-----

1. Blacks did fight in some. I posted any sources.
2. It was not the position of Davis nor the "CSA leadership" to not arm slaves to maintain the instruction of slavery.
3. You select portions of post quotes or other material to put your spin on history and the fact you have no problem in telling a lie.
4. You have no respect for this board other persons ( not me) person who does not agree with you position in an honest fact filled debate without sarcasm or insults.
5. Regardless of your position, you do not have the knowledge or the sources to prove me wrong.

Sir I am finished with you and these threads unless you can provide new facts to prove me wrong. I have better things to do than engage in your foolish childish arguments.

If you want to say you won, be my guest.
Have a Dixie day.


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