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Listen, I am frustrated as well. I am not frivolously repeating myself. if I make a post in what I think is completely understandable standard english, and the reply i get back shows me its intention has been completely misunderstood by the reader, I feel I have a responsibility, to myself, the replier, and the other board readers, to clarify the original post so the proper intent is understood. These boards aren't here for non-communication. The purpose is exchange of ideas for discussion.

If I make a concious effort to rephrase, and i get the same response back. I then have to break it down again into even simpler terms. Some responses i recieved in reply were so colpletely a misunderstand I could only wonder how my intent could not be any clearer.

Breaking a single sentence down into the simplest words, after thee attempts failed, was not disrespect it was absolute frustration that a simple english sentence was not being comprended correctly because the reader was too eager to "refudiate" and respond to what he thought I said or may have felt, rather that what I actually posted.

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