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150 Years Ago Today...catching up

A Short Summary

October 12, 1860, Daily True Delta, New Orleans, La.

Capture of the slaver City of Norfolk, out of New York, by a Spanish war steamer off of Cuba.

A free black man in Columbus, Ga., was convicted of not paying his taxes, and fined $110. In default of payment he was committed to jail, and sold for the shortest time into slavery (five years) for the cost of the fine.
October 13, 1860

Charles Hudson, of Mecklenburg, Va., was convicted and sentenced to prison for eighteen years for the murder of his slave. Upon his arrival before the main gate of the penitentiary at Richmond, he said, “Lord be merciful to me a great sinner! A son left to himself, bringing his mother to shame!”

Daniel Skelly was arrested [New Orleans] for abused and threatening to kill a slave girl named Emily, belonging to M’me Dupatty.

More of the Abducted Maryland Negroes- …two more of the abducted negroes bought by Mr. Milton Streeter, of Eufala, Ala., were brought to [Baltimore] by the Adams express company, and delivered to custody of Marshal Kane. Some parties from Alabama were coming to [Baltimore] to assist in the prosecution of the parties charged with these abductions….

Revolution In Costa Rica.- Negro Insurrection at Panama- Attempt To Take the Town.- The Negroes Defeated.- An attack had been made by a body of armed rebels against the government of the city of Panama, who were repulsed with a loss of five or six killed and fifteen taken prisoners. Five soldiers of the government were killed.

Serious Troubles In Florida.- Shootout between several parties and a group called the Calhoun County Regulators, near Abe’s Spring Bluff.

Calhoun County in a State of Insurrection.- Additional to the above, the Apalachicola Times has the following:

General Wm. E. Anderson had ordered out the first brigade of Florida militia and they are ere this at the scene of tumult.

H. K. Simmons, U.S. Deputy Marshal, Calhoun Co., Oct. 2d, 1860.

This county has been declared to be in a state of insurrectionary war by the Hon. J. J. Finley, judge of the western judiciary circuit of the state of Florida.

It is believed that persons from other states are engaged in the commission of open hostilities against the good citizens of this state, and in violation of the laws of the United States.
As deputy marshal, you are hereby required to be at my office in Calhoun county, that you may without delay receive and execute such process as it may become necessary for me to issue.

McQueen McIntosh, U.S. Judge Northern District of Florida.

Milwaukee, Deputy U.S. Marshal Taylor arrested S. M. Booth, for escaping prison where he was confined for a violation of the Fugitive Slave Law.
[New Orleans] The chief of police has ordered the closing of all churches where colored persons, free or bond , assemble, or any other place where assemblages are held by them, unless they have a permit from the mayor.
Three free colored men….were taken up yesterday for being in the state in contravention to law, but it appeared they could not very well help being here. [they were sailors from Boston, shipwrecked in a storm, all hands escaping to an island off shore, where they were abandoned by the rest of the crew. They were rescued by a fishing vessel and brought to New Orleans]. They were released upon bond given by a captain to deliver them to Philadelphia.

David Upton

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