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Keith you have set me up higher than I deserve. Trust me, my heart has just as many temptations as anybodies and I daily fail in my attempts to be as you said, a good Christian. You could ask my wife son or any of my firends and they could tell you I have tons of room for improvement.

You mentioned my make-believe friend, Pvt. Boudreaux. I think he would tell us, if asked his opinon on the recent debate about blacks serving in the Confederate army, that he simply doesn't know the number. Some did, that is fact, but how many or even why is known only to God.

Did not some free blacks own slaves themselves. Some were probably forced into service. Some may have served in defense of their state. But, some served out of loyalty to their masters. Think of that, that is what being a good Christian is all about. Loving someone else more than yourself. These are the ones who deserve honoring and to be remembered.

I may not agree with something somebody says but I need to deal with the fact that I as human am sometimes wrong. I need my friends to overlook my faults when I am wrong and I need to return that kindeness to remain their friend when they are wrong.

Now, as for Jim Martin... he say's he is "simply Jim". But I know better. I know his full name.... "Diamond Jim Martin".

I look forward to the day everybody cools off and gets back to the study of the late unpleasentness.

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