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10th Louisana

The Richmond Daily Dispatch: August 7, 1861.

The 10th Louisiana Regiment.

--When the Tiger Rifles, who played such fearful havoc with Lincoln's "Pet Lambs, " at Manassas, on the memorable 21st July, passed through this city, we thought that we had seen a specimen of the toughest and most ferocious set of men on earth, but when we speak of the 10th Louisiana Regiment of New Orleans, which passed through this city on Sunday, language is inadequate to give a description, composed as it was of English, French, Germans, Dutch, Italians, Sicilians, Spaniards, Portuguese, Swiss, Mexicans, Indians, and Creoles, who in their jabbering seemed to represent a second Rebel. The commander, together with many other officers, are veterans who served throughout the Crimean war. The commands are all given in French, Dutch, Spanish, or something else which we could not exactly understand, but seemed to be executed with promptness and a remarkable degree of precision. The Mexicans particularly were objects of much curiosity with our citizens, most of whom had never seen one before. The entire regiment has gone to a point where they will be likely to get a chance at Lincoln's minions, and we confidently predict that when the 10th Louisiana Regiment is again head from "somebody else will be hurt."--Lynchburg Republican.

David Upton

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