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Could not the same statement be applied to the American Revolution also?

It is amazing how the quest of independence of one group of people is lauded in 1776. But the same quest for independence in 1861 is demeaned. And where is this idea that all unions are permanent? What if a wife did not have the recourse of divorce from an abusive husband. Would you think it right and just that the wife remain and be abused on a daily basis simply to remain in that union?

No you wouldn't think of such a thing. So why then must the individual states remain in a Union with a federal government that does not respect the rights of those states and whose action would constitution abuse of those states, simply for the good of that federal Government the abusive husband in this marriage?

Perpetual Union? Nothing in this world is perpetual. The strongest Unions are those which are based on the mutual respect of each person, or party, for the other, and not the authority of one over another. We today have a Federal Government, Thanks to Lincoln and his 'perpetual Union ideals', which does not respect the 50 individuals nations that make up this great country, or the people within those 50 nations. The 50 states are no longer equal partners with the government of the nation which they make up. Those 50 states are simply the abused wife, some more abused than others, and the people in them? They are mearly the wayward "children" in need of correction of that Union and the authoritarian Husband.

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