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CSS Hunley Watercolor Update - Missing

Received following unfortunate email from Lori at the City of Mobile, AL museum regarding their CSS Hunley painting that was published in 1971:

The image that you are referencing is from the book Confederate Mobile: A Pictorial History by a former Museum of Mobile director, Caldwell Delaney, published in 1971. The image can be found on page 141. Unfortunately, the image cannot be found in the Museum of Mobile's collection database and I have not been able to track any information indicating that we may have had more than just a copy. Through the former practice of artifact trading, a number of originals that are pictured in the book are no longer in the museum's collection. There is no information within the book indicating who the artist was or when the image was made. I am sorry to say this but I will not be able find the image or track it further for you. What records that may have been with the image are gone.

I am sorry I am unable to aid you further in this matter.

Lori A. McDuffie
Museum Technician
Museum of Mobile
(251) 208-7693
Preserving the Past for the Future

Caldwell Delaney died in 2007 so the status of this painting is LOST!

Too bad.

Rob Swinson

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CSS Hunley Watercolor Update - Missing
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