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Yes, there are a number of interesting things I've seen in them that I don't remember reading of before. I'll look through the quartlies I have but not sure if that's included but we do have them at the Genealogy Library. I have some articles he wrote on the forts for the last big anniversary. I'll copy them and get them to you.

Something I have discovered from the older articles written by almost any of the historians are more on the 'meat' of the subject and not sliding through a lot of PC garbage that has nothing to do with the original information.

I also have a book with some Anti-Bellum information that includes things that were connected to the building of the forts such as Stephen Mallory's letter wanting to know why his slave was not being treated well while he was working on the building. I believe the slave as a brick mason but I may be disremembering that exact detail. Those slaves were also leased by the US Gov. to do the work at Ft Jefferson.


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