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Re: Tennessee Free Men of Color

Reading through death notices of some of the black Confederates, it appears that these guys were thought of more then just cooks, but as comrades in arms., serving as regularly-enlisted combat soldiers

Mulatto offspring was a common event, more then history records, not just a master and slave relationship, going back to the first slave State, Massachusetts. I guess you just can’t stop love :)

Black Confederates and Afro-Yankees in Civil War Virginia, by Ervin L. Jordan, Jr., he claims two Tennessee Black Confederate regiments from Memphis.

At the time of the Battles at Vicksburg, it was still Union Army policy that black were counted as contraband and confiscated like any other military property was. The ones paroled most likely look white.

Thanks for the insight into the CW Cansler family.

Negro Colonel Fred Claek of the 3rd Tennessee (CS)

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