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July 21, 2011

On this date 150 years ago, McDowell hoped to surprise the Confederates by striking them on the left flank of their position at the Stone Bridge, but after Northern artillery began at about 0500 hours, the rebels became aware of the Union advance. General N. G. Evans met McDowell`s troops as the later advanced from Sudley Ford, and held the Southern position until about noon. The Confederates then fell back to Henry House Hill where Evans and others, Jackson among them, made a strong stand. (It was because of his units stout defense there, that Jackson would become known as `Stonewall`.) McDowell`s forces advanced on the Confederate position on Henry House Hill around 1400, Beauregard and Johnston aided Evans`beleaguered troops. Despite Union attempts to charge that position, the rebels held fast and were successful in driving the Federals back in defeat. As McDowell`s men pulled away, panic struck when a shell destroyed a wagon; the main road of retreat was blocked and the Union troops scattered. It was a costly victory for the Confederates having had 387 men killed and 1582 wounded, with 13 missing. The Union toll was 460 dead, 1124 wounded, and 1312 missing. So ended the 1st Battle of Manassas (Bull Run).