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Thanks for the laugh

Saturday night I couldn't sleep and stayed up until the wee hours of Sunday morning. I was looking over my great-grandfather Richard Chaddicks CSR to see if I could see anything I may have missed in the past.

I have mentioned before he was detailed as a regimental teamster and blacksmith on several roll cards. It would show up on the company roll as "Absent: assigned to forge" or "Absent: assigned as regt. teamster". Anyway it was obvious that different officers did the roll cards and two of them made statements in their "remarks" section that made me laugh. Maybe it was because I was tired. Maybe it was because I recognized that a century and a half later his sons and daughters stilll have this hard headed streak in them. The remarks were...

"Refused to work all 4 Sundays"

Maybe he got away with this because he was a sho 'nuff good blacksmith but it may also be because he was married to the cousin of Lt. Col. Benjamin F. Johns. In any case thanks for the laugh Grandpa :-)