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October 12, 2011

On this date 150 years ago, minor clashes took place in Missouri which continued to be in an uproar, partly as a result of Fremont's orders. Fighting went on for two days near Clintonville and Pomme de Terre, Missouri, and Southern raiders under former Virginian and now partisan fighter, Jeff Thompson, pushed into the Ironton area of the state from Stoddard County.

At the mouth of the Mississippi River the Confederate ironclad "Manassas" confronted the USS "Richmond" as well as the USS "Vincennes". Despite the fact that both the "Richmond" and the "Vincennes" were run aground, they managed to escape. The Federal blockade resumed after a short time, but the clash was one that put the Union at a psychological disadvantage.

John Slidell, Confederate commissioner to France, and James Mason, commissioner to Britain, successfully slipped past the Union blockade at Charleston, South Carolina, on the "Theodora". Their next stop was Cuba, but they were en route to Europe in order to help their government buy armaments and to work for recognition of the Confederacy by European powers.