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Re: My Heart Is Not In This War

This letter shows the stress of the moment in Anderson, he is trying to cope with being thrown under the bus by Lincoln and left on his own with what Lincoln was about to do. This was Lincoln doing what he had wanted to do all along...start a war with the South. Anderson just realized he and his command were being used as bait to start Lincoln's war. He had been duped into it. Doubleday was part of this conspiracy. I found a newspaper report from Charleston after the bombardment- that states a rumor went around that Doubleday had been killed in the bombardment and the people of Charleston were rejoicing that the obnoxious abolitionist behind the Anderson's move to Fort Sumter was dead.

Then the reports coming out of Fort Sumter were, no, Doubleday was not dead, he had went crazy and refused to surrender when ordered by Anderson. Doubleday was seen under guard, in irons, (by Anderson’s order) when the garrison marched out of Fort Sumter to the boats waiting to take them away.

David Upton

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