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February 3, 2012

On this date 150 years ago, President Lincoln communicated with General McClellan, who continued to disagree, both in public and private, with the chief executive. The two men had different preferences for the disposition of the Virginia forces; Lincoln favored a direct overland movement, his general in chief desired to land troops on the coast and then march inland to the Confederate capital at Richmond, Virginia.

General Grant's operation to Fort Henry got underway as a Federal fleet moved up the Tennessee River and transports headed for Paducah, Kentucky, from Cairo, Illinois.

At Southampton in England, the Confederate steamer "Nashville" prepared to leave port for the Confederate States. A Federal gunboat, the "Tuscarora", set off to capture the Southern vessel. Such an action was prevented, however, by the British ship "HMS Shannon". The question of Southern blockade-runners using British ports remained contentious.