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Rally behind the Ohioian

During the present administration groups such as the SCV have lost their rights to order Confederate tombstones for Confederate graves unless the next of kin makes the requests. The problem is that many Confederate graves that are not marked have no living descendants or if they do the descendants have no interest in history or respect for their ancestors to make the request. This law was passed in 1906 and somehow with a stroke of a pen the administration changed the requirements. Also note that in 1906 Confederate prisoners of War who died who were civilians were also allowed to have a Confederate tombstone. Now, finally an Ohio Congressman is trying to put things back the way they were. I am sharing the recent email I received and would hope that many will rally behind the Ohioian.

Brothers and opinion leaders - - The February issue of The Buckeye Bugle shared information concerning the current VA policy not to provide grave markers for unmarked graves of veterans unless the request is signed by a living next-of-kin. Copy of the newsletter attached.
Ohio U.S. Congressman Steve Stivers has introduced legislation that will make the VA again allow groups such as the SUVCW to request and receive grave markers for unmarked graves of Civil War veterans. Press releases are attached providing information concerning that effort.
It may take a year for the legislation to pass and another year for the VA to implement the new law.
Please share the information in the attached with all who you believe might be interested in knowing it.
Fred Lynch
Department Commander