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Southern Confederacy and Native Americans

"one of the more unusual aspects of Indian social organization in the Southeast was the frequency with which various tribal groupings were able to create confederacies around and in defense of their common interests. The Natchez and their neighbors formed a loose confederacy to defend themselves against the French. The Creeks, at the urging of Speckled Snake and others, created the Muskogee alliance. The Chickasaws and the Choctaws readily and frequently abstained from rivalry with one another to secure greater bargaining power in negotiations with whites: they were at first thus able to resist incursions an , when they had to yield, their joint strength enabled them at first, paradoxically, to gain separate reservations for each of them in 'Indian Territory.'...If, as several historians of political thought have argued, the US Constitution is influenced by the preceding League of the Iroquois, the Southern Confederacy- the defining moment of Southern identity as traditionally conceived- had its Indian precursors."

"A Companion To The Literature And Culture of the American South" by Richard Gray and Owen Robinson, 2004, pp. 175-176.

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Southern Confederacy and Native Americans
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