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Moist Hard Tack

Atlanta Constitution, Jan. 25, 1887 -- page 3



D.B. Aldrich, of Jefferson North Carolina, written to the Constitution that he would like to hear of Colonel Gardener of the Ninth Georgia. Mr. Aldrich was a federal soldier and after the first battle of Bull Run, was walking over the field helping the wounded regardless of what uniforms they wore. He came upon Lieutenant Colonel Gardener, who had been wounded in the ankle. Mr. Adrich was advised to stay inside the Confederate Lines, and did so. That night he slept between two wounded confederates. A rain came up, and about midnight he awoke quite hungry, and reached for the knapsack of one of the wounded soldiers. He got hold of some hardtack which was moist from the rain he thought. They tasted mighty good, for he was very hungry. Next morning he discovered that the hard tacks were moistened with blood, and that both men with whom he had slept were dead. Mr. Aldrich has lived in North Carolina for ten years, has married a southern woman and says this is a great section and the southern people "are whales."