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3rd Alabama Cavalry, Co. B

Found a handwritten muster list of General Joseph Johnston's Escort, detached from the 3rd Ala. Cavalry. The spelling is really bad, but close enough. I found the notation about the race of three of the men interesting enough to add my own knowledge of a forth. There are

Captain E. M. Holliway
1st Lt. James Smiley
2nd Lt. James Smiley
1st Sgt. Benn Reynolds
2nd Sgt. Bill Alum
3rd Sgt. Will Hinds
4th Sgt. Tillolson Fox
Quartermaster Hunter Reves

------------------------(From Tallapossaco Alabama---------------

1st Corp. Copely Pearson
2nd Corp. Comen
A. J. Thomas
Ruben Thomas
Obe Thomas
Alf Taylor
Lind Taylor
Joe Bradford
Beman Hunt
Frank South
Will Garrett
N. M. Ware
W. J. Ryan
Jim Arnold
Hus Scot
Joe Rice
Sid Man
Patrick Pearson
Ed Lyae
John T. Webster
Bob Webster
John Craig
Bob Craig
Jwo Binders
Kellam [my notes--- Creek Indian---]
Charley Wa
Jim Swanses
Dack Swanses
John Martan
Carl Donalson
George Donalson
Bill Wade
Shirell Smith
John Underwood
Jim Britton
Bob Sumeral
Nero Clark
C. A. Tinch
P. A. Cockran
John Honeycut
June Dudley
J. B. McCook
J. C. L. McCook
H. C. Staples (Indian Blood)
Alex Sizemore (Indian Blood)
Henry Shamo (Indian Blood)
Dr. George Kyser
Ed Youngblood
Paul Jones
Alex Hall
Charles Hall
Jim Wamesley
Hal Cravey
L A. Finlayson
Tobe McIver
Jack Oneal
Bob Armstrong
Ed Morisette
Shin Packer
Nick Stallworth
Neal James
Porter Dass
Morrison Collins
Filix Webster
Hunter Reves

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