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A mothers request

Sooner or later it seems like a researcher finds a little bit of everything.

Like some men the (correctly spelled as) Larey brothers enlisted in the early days just before the war had started and both were elected as officers in a Georgia unit. Both had been born in the Orangeburg District of South Carolina.

Once the war started the mother made a request of her sons. Please don't lead men against the United States government.

The request was honored and the major and the lieutenant became privates. General Bragg himself in Florida made the changes in rank.

The one time lieutenant Samuel C. P. Larey joined Company G of the 9th Mississippi Infantry near Pensacola, Florida as a private and was left for dead at the Battle of Shiloh and later taken to a hospital in Ohio where he died.

The one time major, Peter Larey joined the 6th Alabama Infantry as a private and has endless praises for his valor and deeds on the battlefield by his superiors although he did attain the rank of 3rd lieutenant. Even General Gordon mentioned his name and suggested he lead a full regiment but the request of the mother had been honored.

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A mothers request
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