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Re: Troops from Murfreesboro to Vicksburg

5/9/63-10PM- Ector's & McNair's Brigades ready to move by rail immediately.

5/9 to General Stewart-The Lt General cdg countermands the order issued at 10 p. m. from these Hqs respecting movement of Ector's & McNair's Brigades. He now directs that your order these two Brigades (Ector's & McNair's) to cook immediately three days' rations, & to march on tomorrow morning to Wartrace, at which place they will take the cars. They will send their baggage in, to go on the cars from this place (Shelbyville) in the morning.

5/11 Polk to Stewart- your order the two NC Regts of Bate's Brigade to prepare 3 days' rations, & march as soon as they can get off in the morning to Wartrace.

5/12-5/18 The 29th NC left Shelbyville being detached from Bate's Brigade & sent by order of Bragg to Jackson, arriving 5/ l 8.
From thence we marched thirty miles to Canton. Here we took the train to Vaughan's Station Here the Regt was attached to a Georgia Brigade commanded by Col Wilson, this Brigade constituting a part of Walker's Division.

5/20 note on original return-Ector's & McNair's Brigades & the 29th & 39th NC sent to Ms. Eff strength, 2,789;

5/23 PRIVATE-Bragg to Davis-Sent 3,500 with the General, [Johnston] three Btrys of Arty, & 2,000 Cav. Will dispatch 6,000 more immediately-Have no orders- The General did not consider it safe to weaken this point.

5/23 Hardee to Breckinridge- You will prepare all the Infy of your Division, except the Tenn Regts, to move immediately by rail, with three days' cooked rations. You will go in command. The order for the movement will be sent as soon as transportation can be provided.

5/25/63 Cooper to Johnston, Jackson-General Bragg telegraphs the Pres on 5/23 that he sent w/you 3500 men, 3 Arty Bns & 2000 Cav, & will send 6000 more troops immediately. General Beauregard sent 7000 men which should be with you. No troops have been ordered from this quarter.

5/26 Bragg to Cooper-All of McCown's Division, except one Georgia Regt, Helm's, Adams' & Preston's Brigade, Breckinridge in command, Jackson's Cav Division, of Van Dorn's Corps.*
*Troops ordered to Ms.

5/27 Hardee to Davis-Breckenridge, with greater part of his Division, has left for Ms.

ARMY OF RELIEF-General Joseph E. Johnston

BRECKINRIDGE'S DIVISION-Maj General John C. Breckinridge

Adam's Brigade-Brig General Daniel W. Adams

32d Alabama, Lt. Colonel Henry Maury
13th and 20th Louisiana (Consolidated), Colonel Augustus Reichard
16th and 25th Louisiana (Consolidated), Colonel Daniel Gober
19th Louisiana, Colonel Wesley P. Winans
14th Louisiana Sharpshooters Battalion, Maj. John E. Austin

Helm's Brigade-Brig. General. Benjamin H. Helm

41st Alabama, Colonel Martin L. Stansel
2d Kentucky, Lt. Colonel James W. Hewitt
4th Kentucky, Colonel Joseph P. Nuckols, Lt. Colonel John A. Adair
6th Kentucky, Lt. Colonel Martin H. Cofer
9th Kentucky, Colonel John W. Caldwell

Stovall's Brigade-Brig. General. Marcellus A Stovall

1st and 3d Florida (Consolidated), Colonel William S. Dilworth
4th Florida, Colonel Edward Badger
47th Georgia, Colonel George W.M. Williams
60th North Carolina, Colonel Washington M. Hardy, Lt. Colonel James M. Ray


Maj. Rice E. Graves

Johnston (Tennessee) Artillery, Capt. John W. Mebane
Cobb's Kentucky Battery, Capt. Robert Cobb
5th Company, Washington Artillery, Capt. Cuthbert H. Slocomb


FRENCH'S DIVISION-Maj. General Samuel G. French

McNair's Brigade-Brig General Evander McNair

1st Arkansas Mounted Rifles (dismounted), Colonel Robert W. Harper, Lt. Colonel Daniel H. Reynolds
2d Arkansas Mounted Rifles (dismounted), Colonel J. A. Williamson
4th Arkansas, Colonel Henry G. Bunn
25th and 31st Arkansas (Consolidated), Colonel Thomas H. McCray
39th North Carolina, Colonel David Coleman

Maxey's Brigade-Brig. General Samuel B Maxey

4th Louisiana, Lt. Colonel William F. Pennington, Colonel Samuel E. Hunter
30th Louisiana (battalion), Lt. Colonel Thomas Shields
42d Tennessee, Lt. Colonel Isaac N. Hulme
46th and 55th Tennessee (Consolidated), Colonel Alexander J. Brown, Lt. Colonel Gideon B. Black
48th Tennessee, Colonel William M. Voorhees
49th Tennessee, Maj. David A. Lynn
53d Tennessee, Lt. Colonel John R. White
1st Texas Sharpshooter Battalion, Maj. James Burnet

Evan's Brigade-Brig. General Nathan G. Evans

17th South Carolina, Colonel Fitz William McMasters
18th South Carolina, Colonel William H. Wallace
22d South Carolina, Lt. Colonel James O'Connell
23d South Carolina, Colonel Henry L. Benbow
26th South Carolina, Colonel Alexander D. Smith
Holcombe Legion, Lt. Colonel William J Crawley, Maj. Martin G. Zeigler


Fenner's (Louisiana) Battery, Capt. Charles E. Fenner
Macbeth (South Carolina) Artillery, Lt. B.A. Jeter
Culpeper's (South Carolina) Battery, Capt. James F. Culpeper


LORING'S DIVISION-Maj. General William W. Loring

Adams' Brigade
Brig. General Lloyd Tilghman (k)
Colonel Arthur E. Reynolds
Brig. General. John Adams

1st Confederate Battalion, Lt. Colonel George H. Forney
6th Mississippi, Colonel Robert Lowry
14th Mississippi, Lt. Colonel Washington L. Doss
15th Mississippi, Colonel Michael Farrell
20th Mississippi, Colonel Daniel R. Russell, Lt. Colonel William N. Brown
23d Mississippi, Colonel Joseph M. Wells
26th Mississippi, Colonel Arthur E. Reynolds, Maj. Tully F. Parker
Lookout (Tennessee) Artillery, Capt. Robert L. Barry

Buford's Brigade-Brig. General Abraham Buford

27th Alabama, Colonel James Jackson
35th Alabama, Colonel Edward Goodwin
54th Alabama, Colonel Alpheus Baker, Maj. T.H. Shackelford
55th Alabama, Colonel John Snodgrass
9th Arkansas, Colonel Isaac L. Dunlop
3d Kentucky, Colonel Albert P. Thompson
7th Kentucky, Colonel Edward Crossland
8th Kentucky, Colonel Hylan B. Lyon, Lt. Colonel A.R. Shacklett
12th Louisiana, Colonel Thomas M. Scott
3d Missouri Cavalry (dismounted), Lt. Colonel D. Todd Samuels
Company A, Pointe Coupee Artillery, Capt. Alcide Bouanchaud

Featherston's Brigade
Brig. General Winfield S. Featherston
Colonel John A. Orr

3d Mississippi, Colonel Thomas A. Mellon, Maj. Samuel A. Dyer
22d Mississippi, Colonel Frank S. Schaller, Lt. Colonel H.J. Reid
31st Mississippi, Colonel John A. Orr, Lt. Colonel Marcus D.L. Stephens
33d Mississippi, Colonel David W. Hurst
1st Mississippi Sharpshooter Battalion, Maj. William A. Rayburn, Maj. James M. Stigler
Charpentier's Alabama Battery, Capt. Stephen Charpentier
Company C, 14th Mississippi Artillery Battalion, Capt. J. Culbertson


WALKER'S DIVISION-Maj. General William H.T. Walker

Ector's Brigade-Brig General Matthew D. Ector

9th Texas, Lt. Colonel Miles A. Dillard
10th Texas Cavalry (dismounted), Lt. Colonel C.R. Earp
14th Texas Cavalry (dismounted), Colonel John L. Camp
32d Texas Cavalry (dismounted), Colonel Julius A. Andrews
Battalion, 43d Mississippi, Capt. M. Pounds
Battalion, 40th Alabama, Maj. Thomas O. Stone
McNally's Arkansas Battery, Lt. F.A. Moore

Gregg's Brigade-Brig. General. John Gregg

3d Tennessee, Colonel Calvin H. Walker
10th Tennessee, Lt. Colonel William Grace
30th Tennessee, Colonel Randall MacGavock (k), Lt. Colonel James .J. Turner
41st Tennessee, Colonel Robert Farquharson
50th Tennessee, Lt. Colonel Thomas W. Beaumont (w), Colonel Cyrus A. Sugg
1st Tennessee Infantry Battalion, Maj. Stephen H. Colms
7th Texas, Colonel Hiram B. Granbury
Bledsoe's Missouri Battery, Capt. Hiram M. Bledsoe

Gist's Brigade-Brig. General. Gist

46th Georgia, Colonel Peyton H. Colquitt
8th Georgia, Capt. Zachariah L. Watters
16th South Carolina, Colonel James McCullough
24th South Carolina, Colonel C.H. Stevens
Ferguson's South Carolina Battery, Capt. T.B. Ferguson

Wilson's Brigade-Colonel Claudius C. Wilson

25th Georgia, Lt. Colonel Andrew J. Williams
29th Georgia, Colonel William J. Young
30th Georgia, Colonel T.W. Mangham
1st Georgia Sharpshooter Battalion, Maj. Arthur Shaaff
4th Louisiana Infantry Battalion, Lt. Colonel John McEnery
Martin's Georgia Battery, Lt. Evan P. Howell


CAVALRY DIVISION-Brig. General. William H Jackson

1st Brigade-Brig. General. George B. Cosby

1st Mississippi Cavalry, Colonel R.A. Pinson
4th Mississippi Cavalry, Colonel James Gordon, Maj. J.L. Harris
28th Mississippi Cavalry, Colonel Peter B. Starke
Wirt Adams' Mississippi Cavalry, Colonel William Wirt Adams
Ballentine's Mississippi Cavalry, Lt. Colonel William L. Maxwell
17th Mississippi Cavalry Battalion (State Troops), Maj. Abner C. Steede
Clark's Missouri Battery, Capt. Houston King

2d Brigade-Brig. General. John W. Whitfield

3d Texas Cavalry, Colonel Giles S. Boggess
6th Texas Cavalry, Colonel Lawrence S. Ross, Maj. Jack Wharton
9th Texas Cavalry, Colonel Dudley W. Jones
27th Texas Cavalry (also called 1st Texas Legion), Lt. Colonel John H. Broocks
Bridge's Arkansas Cavalry Battalion, Maj. H.W. Bridges

Escorts and Guards

Company A, 7th Tennessee Cavalry, Capt. W.F. Taylor
Independent Company Louisiana Cavalry, Capt. J.Y. Webb
Provost Guard (Company D 4th Mississippi Cavalry), Capt. James Ruffin

Reserve Artillery-Maj. W.C. Preston

Columbus Georgia Battery, Capt. Edward Croft
Durrive's Louisana Battery, Capt. E. Durrive, Jr.
Battery B, Palmetto South Carolina Artillery, Capt. J. Wates

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