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Department of Arkansas Heritage

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All Arkansans who are concerned about the preservation of our state heritage are called to a meeting to discuss the challenges facing the Arkansas State Archives and the other agencies comprising the Department of Arkansas Heritage, and to devise means for addressing those challenges.

The gathering will begin with registration at 9:30 a.m., Saturday, March 24, 2018. We will meet at the Darragh Center in the Main Library, 100 Rock Street, Little Rock. Public parking is available on-site and at a nearby public parking deck.

The purpose of the meeting is to develop a unified and state-wide response to threats to our heritage. Over the past three years a variety of unfortunate and ill-advised policies and personnel actions have occurred in the Department of Arkansas Heritage which have, when taken together, imperiled the state’s efforts to preserve our heritage, our culture, and our historic places. A series of coerced resignations have threatened the continuation of programs and services which have been decades in development. Arbitrary and uninformed decisions about funding, personnel, office-space matters, etc. have resulted in numerous challenges, especiallylow morale.

State historian Lisa Speer resigns, indicates friction with department leadership
SAVING OUR ARKANSAS HERITAGE A Summit of Concerned Arkansans
How You Can Help If you agree with the Friends of the Arkansas State Archives that our heritage is precious, then join others in coming to a summit meeting to seek solutions to the challenges facing that heritage. In addition to individuals, representatives from local historical and genealogical societies, archaeological societies, museums, libraries, and preservation groups are urged to send delegates to this state meeting.

REGISTRATION In order to assist with planning, please register by sending an email to: . Written registration may be mailed to the Friends of the Arkansas State Archives, P.O. Box 250916, Little Rock, AR 72225 or by calling 501-771-1012. Be sure to mention if you are registering as an individual or which group you might be representing.

This is about ALL Arkansas history. What about recruiting somefolks from the Round Table to go? Just an idea. They are asking for help from all kinds of history, genealogy,groups- all kinds of history people, archaeologists, everything! Why notRound Table- all of them? And Sons & Daughters of Civil War,too.

Jane Anne Spikes, Secretary
Civil War Round Table of Arkansas
Little Rock, AR

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