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A fairly rare document

One of the few remaining re-enlistment records was located on fold 3 on page 19 concerning the service records of (Spelled as) Wily S. Brown of the 11th Regiment Tennessee Infantry. It is assumed many soldiers had similar re-enlistment records back in the day.

Compiled Military Service Records noted re-enlistment records and stated "Confederate States of America. I (Spelled as) Wm Spencer Brown a private of Company H of 11th Regiment Tennessee Volunteers born in the county of Hickman State of Tennessee aged twenty-four years 6 feet 1 inches high fair complexion blue eyes light hair and by occupation a brick mason hereby acknowledge to have received a bounty of fifty dollars by Major James Glover a Quarter Master having the 3rd day of May 1862, re-enlisted into the service of the Confederate States for the period of two years or the war, from the expiration of my present term of service and do further promise and agree that I will allegiance bear to the Confederate States of America against all their enemies especially the late United States of America and that I will obey all the commands of my superiors during my term of service (signed) W. S. Brown. (The signature of W. S. Brown was) witnessed by Lieutenant Brooks of the Confederate States Army. I, M. C. Young acting surgeon of the Confederate States Army certify that I have carefully examined (Spelled as) Wm. S. Brown the above named recruit and find him capable of performing the duties of a soldier and signed by M. C. Young acting surgeon."

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A fairly rare document
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