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Questions from China?

As of late I've getting Camp Chase questions from various State Universities and one even from an archeologist from the University of Hong Kong. There seems to be an increased awareness about the Camp Chase Cemetery. At first thought it might be some type of scam but there is a William F. Meacham who works at the University of Hong Kong and has a site on Wikipedia.

Since my research is centered around the Camp Chase Cemetery and much has been said about it I don't want to bore the readers with mundane finds.

For those of you who have visited the Viet Nam wall a soldier named Wieland C. Norris can be located on the wall. His full name was Wieland Clyde Norris and was in the Army and killed in action on June 3, 1970. He was the younger brother of the famous actor Chuck Norris who was known for his role in Walker, Texas Ranger.

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Questions from China?
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