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Trying to make something out of Nothing

Read this article with interest and just had to laugh at the feeble and yes biased attempt to make something out of nothing.

Be sure to click the "Racist party" link at the bottom of the article to get to the original article. Onec you get there click on the authors bio and you will see this-- Giacomo Bologna, Mississippi Clarion Ledger

Click the name to pull up his bio and read---

Giacomo Bologna
Politics reporter

Giacomo "Jack" Bologna covers politics. He joined the Clarion Ledger in January 2019 after spending more than three years at the Springfield News-Leader, primarily covering crime in the Missouri Ozarks. Jack is a native Michigander. He grew up in a suburb of Detroit and graduated from the University of Michigan. Tips? 601-961-7282

Do we detect a bit of bias here or just ignorance? From my point of view I think the guy is full of bologna.

I ask everyone to contact this fellow and ask him to explain why the Confederate flag or a Confederate uniform is more racist than a Union uniform or the US flag. Put on some pressure!!!

Contact Giacomo "Jack" Bologna at 601-961-7282 or Follow him on Twitter.

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Trying to make something out of Nothing
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