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CHM 2019 -Slavery as an issue

Most poeple I have debated, and this includes some college professers-- historians, jump right the issue of secession to the firing on the Lincolns fleet at Charleston Harbor. Few if any go back to the Buchanan and look at the issues in that administration.

If you have studied the history of the WBTS you then know that secession started while Buchanan was still in office. You know that he sent a expedition towards Fort Sumter for the re-enforcement of that fort-- The first Star of the West Expedition. You know this mission was a failure.

For those who have any doubts about the events surrounding Fort Sumter, here is a very good read, a bit long but one of the most unbiased accounts I have ever read of the Fort Sumter incidents of The Buchanan and Lincoln administrations.

Read from page162 to 230. Without reading this information you will simply be lost in the discussion.

have researched the Official Records of the War of Rebellion (ORs) related to what Buchanan States. His accounts are verified by the ORs I would ask you to also note the sources that Buchanan lists. These are all government records, not someone's biased opinion. I will post any OR entry on the first Star of the West incident upon demand-- there are quite a few.

For those who like to promote the idea that slavery was the cause of the war, I challenge you to find that statement in "Mr. Buchanans"

So now why did Buchanan send a convoy to Fort Sumter? Was it to free the slaves? Was it to eliminate the institution of slavery in South Carolina? Was it because secession was illegal? No, none of these reasons.
Here we see in Buchanan's own words why he wanted Fort Sumter. If you doubt this source then feel free to post one proving me wrong---

Edited for length--

War of the Rebellion: Serial 001 Page 0117 Chapter I. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. – UNION.
Page 118
evidence of a design to proceed to a hostile act” on the part of the authorities of South Carolina, which as not yet been alleged. Still, he is a brave and honorable officer, and justice requires that he should not be condemned without a fair hearing.
————–On the very day, the 27th instant, that possession of these two forts was taken the palmetto flag was raised over the Federal custom-house and post-office in Charleston; and on the same day every officer of the customs, collector, naval officer, surveyor, and appraisers, resigned their offices. And this, although it was well known from the language of my message that, as an executive officer, I felt myself bound to collect the revenue at the port of Charleston under the existing laws.

With great personal regard, I remain, yours, very respectfully,

Now someone please show me where slavery was the issue mentioned.