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Diary of Edwin E. Rice
April 15, 1862-April 5, 1863

Edwin E. Rice, a resident of Galveston Texas, was sworn into the Confederate Army on April 15, 1862. He signed into Captain E. S. Bolling’s Company A of Waul’s Texas Legion. He was to remain on furlough for thirty days, after having been given orders to report to Labadie’s Prairie, in Washington County, Texas.

Thursday [July] 10th 1862

We are to leave this camp (Chappell-Hill, Tx.) in a few days for Burleson Co. Capts. Adams, Wrigley & Thomas were sent on to select camping ground on the way.

They returned yesterday. This afternoon a storm of wins & rain arose, which blew down several of our arbors and wet most of us through. It is the first rain we have had for 1 ½ months.

After tattoo a Prof. Lectured upon the past & future history of the world. He said the earth in one million five hundred thousand years would be cast in the sun and burned up. He said a comet is formed from a meteor and a planet from a comet.

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