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My letter to NC governor Cooper

Governor Cooper,

Sir, and I use the term lightly, I was going to write you a letter hoping you would take some action against the Mayor of Enfield, North Carolina and the city council of that town for the destruction of a Confederate Satue in that locality as described in this article The News & Observer at…

The video is posted at
However I see by your actions and comments posted at Gov. Cooper orders removal of Confederate monuments at Capitol | CBS 17 that it is a useless effort. You are just as uneducated as Mayor Robinson.

First of all the Confederacy was not a “white supremacy organization. Many Negroes served the Confederacy in many different capacities INCLUDING ARMED SOLDIERS. They were integrated in to the ranks of the soldiers right beside Whites, Indians, and Jews, not so in the Union Army until the 1950s. Get yourself the best historian North Carolina has to off er, I will debate him or her. Challenge me on this I dare you.

It is obvious that you and some of the people of North Carolina are in need of true facts and a good deal of education relating to the so called “Civil War”. Do yourself, and the descendants of North Carolina's Confederates, a favor and work towards this goal.

George Purvis