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Palmetto Sharpshooters

Hello all,
My White ancestors were all from the Spartanburg area, descended from Col. Henry White of the Revolutionary War and members of Capt. John Blasingame's company from Spartanburg, S.C., "The Spartan Rifles". It first became Co. "K" of the 5th S.C. Inf under Col. Micah Jenkins. Then in 1862 Jenkins formed the Palmetto Sharp-Shooters, S.C. vols.. Most of their old company reenlisted for the war again as Company "K", P.S.S., S.C. Vols.
I was wondering, does anyone know of any pictures of "The Spartan Rifles" in either their immediate prewar configuration, or in the 5th S.C. or in the Palmetto Sharp-Shooters, or any pictures of those regiments or members of them? I figured that since that company was from Spartanburg that there would be some memorial or museum there with maybe a pic of them or something.
Speaking of that, my uncle has a glass type pic of someone in my family taken back then. It is an officer in a frock coat with what appears to be white tape trim around his collar, and a kepi with the S.C. tree on the front sitting on a little table. He is wearing a maroon sash (the pic was colorized somehow back in those days) over witch is a pistol belt and holster and another white belt with a weird looking sword on it. I believe it to be a member of the Palmetto Sharpshooters. If anyone thinks they could identify the picture as to unit or what have you, I will be glad to scan it and send it to you.
Take care,
Millbrook, Al.