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My family has passed down several stories of ancestors who came home from the war. Some of the stories are probably similar to many others.

When William Henry Floyd (Co. F, 27th SC) was released from Point Lookout Prison at the end of the war. He had to walk at least the last portion of the way home. His family had not seen him in a while and when his mother saw him walking down the lane to the house she met him only to find him covered with lice. She made him bathe out in the yard before she would let him in the house.

William Elijah Graham (Co. C, 25th SC), was wounded and lost his left hand. He was discharged in Mthe summer of 1864 qand began the trek home. He begged food from sympathetic houses along the way but most had little to spar except a few peas here and there and potato peelings. He got so desperate he had to eat some things I don't feel right about mentioining here...If you would like to more details email me privately - . When he got home his feet were so swollen his mother had to have his shoes cut off.

I hope this helps.

Rett Floyd

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