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Desecration of Jeff Davis Statue

This letter was sent to me by Mr. David Williams of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, Texas Division. Please help in any amount that you can spare.

Thank you,

The website above has pictures of the desecration of the Jefferson Davis Statue in New Orleans, Louisiana. We need to notify all Southerners that financial contributions for the cleanup have been very slow in coming in. I spoke on the phone last Sat. to Dave Holcombe, First Lt. Cmdr, Louisiana Division SCV and he informed me they have only collected about $400 so far. They need an additional $6,000. Our own camp will be making a donation of $1,000 with an additional $1,500 in matching funds. You can contact David at for more information. Let's all pull together to see this disgrace removed. Mail donations to:

P.G.T. Beauregard Camp #130 c/o

David G. Holcombe, 1st Lt. Com.,LA.Div.,

2240 Timbers Drive, Harvey, LA.


David Williams, SCV

Albert Sidney Johnston Camp #67

Houston, Texas