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Decsendants of Soldiers Who fought at Resaca, Ga.

This is a last Call to all Decsendants of either Union or Confederate Soldiers, to submit your pictures or stories of your ancestors that fought at the Battle of Resaca, Ga. As we are getting ready to go to print after proofing this book on the Faces of War. This book is about your Ancestors and the Battle of Resaca, Ga.. To all I ask that you think about this chance to add your ancestor story and or his picture to the Book. The Book is almost finished and we will also be taking early reservation for this Book is priced at $ 25.00 + $ 2.00 Shipping and Handling. They will be ready to ship on June 15, 2003, as we were informed yesterday by to printer.
Thank You all for you time.

William T. Hobgood
P.O. Box 815
Resaca, Ga. 30735

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Decsendants of Soldiers Who fought at Resaca, Ga.