The Tennessee in the Civil War Message Board

NEW! North Carolina CWMB!

Hi Everybody,

I have just opened the North Carolina in the Civil War Message Board. This new message board completes the state sites for ALL of the eleven Confederate States, not including the border states with both Union and Confederate governments.

Many contributors to our other message boards have asked me repeatedly to make available this site and I am happy to "finally" respond.

I hope you find the North Carolina in the CW Message Board as useful and informative as our other sites and that you will help me make the board a success by telling your friends and associates about its existence.

Ultimately, it is my intention to have message boards for ALL of the Civil War-era states and some territories. I will also be adding additional Special Interest sites to satisfy the varied interests of our visitors and contributors.

Thank you for your continuing support of these message boards. I'll see you in the "Tarheel State".

Jim Martin