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Nashville Hospitals 1863

The following is a list of Nashville hospitals in early 1863

No. 1 – Gun Factory, College street, on the Hill.

Surgeon, J. F. Weeks.

No. 2 – University Building, Market street, on the Hill.

Surgeon, A. W. Kelly

No. 3 – Ensley’s Building, S. E. corner Public Square.

Surgeon, Alex Ewing.

No. 4 – Howard High School, College street, on the Hill.

Asst. surgeon, F. S. Town.

No. 5 – Gun Factory, upper and Front street.

Asst. Surgeon, F. B. Blaser.

No. 6 – College street, near Broad.

Surgeon, Chas. Schlusser.

No. 7 – College street, between Church and Broad.

Surgeon, R. Fletcher,

No. 8 – Masonic Hall, Church street, near Summer.

Asst. Surgeon, D. Bache.

No. 9 – Carriage Factory, Market street, below the Square.

Act. Asst. Surgeon, J. D. Skeer.

No. 10 – Medical College, College street, on the Hill.

Act. Asst. Surgeon, W. K. Bowling.

No. 11 – “Pest House” – On the University Pike.

Act. Asst. Surgeon, L. D. Hogie.

No. 12 – Broadway Hotel, Broad street, corner Cherry.

Surgeon, Fred. Seymour.

No. 13 – Hume High School, Spruce street, cor. Broad.

Surgeon, __. Herrick.

No. 14 – Female School, Church street, near Chattanooga Depot.

Surgeon, A. C. McChrisney.

No. 15 – Hynes’ High School, Line street corner Summer.

Surgeon, W. M. Chambers.

No. 16 – Gordon Block, corner Broad street and River Landing.

Surgeon, Fred. Seymour.

No. 17 – Officer’s Hospital – Planters Hotel, Summer street, corner Deaderick.

Surgeon, S. D. Waterman.

No. 18 – Corner Church and College streets.

Surgeon, F. T. Hinkthat.

No. 19 – Morris & Stratton’s Building, No. 14 Market street.

Surgeon, __. Shrady.

No. 20 – Baptist church, Summer street.

Surgeon, __. Goodwin.

No. 21 – Methodist Church, Church street.

Surgeon, E. Swinett.

No. 22 – Hardcastles, South Market street.

Surgeon, __. Beckwith.

No. 23 – Corner Vine and Broad street.

Surgeon F. Chamberlain.

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