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A. H. Cresap, Private, Company A, Conscripts, at Camp Watts, Alabama
Receipted for an issue of clothing August 10, 1864
CSA Discharged - No date

Alex H. Cresap, Steward, Hospital, Camp Watts, Alabama
Received pay for 1 month 3 days for service Nov. 28, 1863 to Jan. 1, 1864

Alexader H. Cresap, Private, Company B, Regiment Alabama Conscripts, receipted for an
issue of clothing March 31, 1864
Private, On detailed duty at Gen. Hosp., Camp Watts, Alabama, receipted for an
issue of clothing Sept. 9, 1864

Alex H. Cresap, enlisted June 6, 1863 at Mobile, Alabama by Lt. Wragg for the war,
attached to Hospital, Netasulga, Alabama, November 28, 1863 as Ward Master,
extra duty pay due from Jan.1, 1864 to Jun 30, 1864 and pay for the month Nov, 1863
omitted in former patent, conscript

Unfiled Papers and Slips Belonging in Confederate Compiled Service Records


The lowest ranking members of Union and Confederate Medical Departments during the Civil War were usually hospital stewards, noncommissioned officers who received the pay and allowance of a sergeant major. Each regiment was authorized to have one hospital steward, who was often chosen by the regimental surgeon from the enlisted men in the unit.


Note, my understanding is that many of these men were Pre-Med students and Pharmacists in pre war civilian life

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