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Not the article you specified, but reflects on the actions of those dates:

Unpublished Report of Major Gen Bushrod R. Johnson, cdg Johnson’s Div, of operations June 16-18, 18641
1. NARA RG 109, Entry 66, Box 106: War Dept Collection of Confederate Records, Gen Records of the Gov’t of the CSA, Battle Reports 1862-1864: Bushrod Johnson’s Report on Petersburg Assaults June 15-18, 1864 ↩

On the morning of the 16th of June, having under orders from the cdg Gen Beauregard withdraw the forces under my command from the main line at the Bermuda Hundreds Peninsula, & having left Gracie’s Bgde & Pegram’s & Wright’s Btrys on the line of Swift Creek, I arrived at Petersburg with Elliott’s Bgde & Mosely’s Bn of Arty consisting of Young’s, Miller’s & Slaten’s Btrys.
Ransom’s Bgde which had been serving on the North-side of James reached Petersburg a few minutes before Elliott’s Bgde.
Wise’s & Johnson’s Bgdes of this Div had preceded the rest of the command to Petersburg, the former on the 10th & the latter on the 15th of June. When I reached our line at about 10 A.M. on the 16th of June, I found my troops posted as follows: Wise’s Bgde to the east of Spring Garden, on the right of Hoke’s Div, with the right flank near the Baxter Road. The 46th Va Regt of this Bgde was detached, & posted on the left of Clingman’s Bgde in Hoke’s Div.

Johnson’s Bgde with a line much attenuated occupied a position at Webb’s House, with an interval of some six-hundred yards to the right & front of Wise’s Bgde, its right flank resting between Btrys #XIV & XV on the old line of fortifications east of Petersburg & its left on a ravine, [?] -diagonally across & to the left of its line of battle- Four Co’s of this Bgde were detached to occupy Btry #XVI on the extreme right of our line-Ransom’s Bgde with six Co’s of the 64th Ga Regt attached to its left, was on the right of Johnson’s Bgde, & on the old line of fortifications where it crosses the Baxter Road, the 64th Ga Regt resting at Btry #XV. Elliott’s Bgde was placed in reserve on the Norfolk RR, with its left resting on the Baxter Road. Young’s Btry of 3 guns & Blount’s of 6 guns were posted in the interval between Wise’s & Johnson’s Bgdes & one section of Slaten’s Btry under Lieutenant Folds was posted at Webb’s House, & the other section Btry #XVI on the old line of fortifications.

Wise’s Bgde had thrown up some earthworks which the men were still strengthening. Johnson’s Bgde having no entrenching tools had constructed very low & bad breastworks of logs & rails which was partly covered with dirt that the men had dug up with bayonets. The enemy’s line was from (600) six-hundred to (800) eight-hundred yards in our front & their sharp-shooters were playing upon our men. The organization & strength of my command on the morning of the 16th of June was as near as can be ascertained as follows:

Bgde Cdr Eff Strength Agg Strength
Ransom’s Col Paul F. Faison 2581 2730 NC Troops
Johnson’s Col Jonathan S. Fulton 633 708 Tenn Troops
Wise’s Col P.R. Page 1363 1462 Va Troops
Elliott’s Brig Gen Elliott 1887 2050 SC Troops
Gracie’s Brig Gen A. Gracie 944 1394 Ala Troops
6 Co’s of 64th Ga Regt Capt Pritchett 160 180 Ga Troops
Total 7568 8524
To which may be added the Arty under command of Major E.F. Mosely.

Officers Enlisted Men Total Aggregate
Command Killed Wounded Missing Killed Wounded Missing Killed Wounded Missing
Johnson’s Bgde 1 6 33 14 52 254 15 58 287 360
Elliott’s Bgde 6 10 2 11 134 16 17 144 18 179
Gracie’s Bgde 1 8 3 11 90 54 12 98 57 167
Ransom’s Bgde 4 23 7 38 260 160 42 283 167 492
Wise’s Bgde 4 17 3 31 137 78 35 154 81 270
64th Ga Regt 0 1 0 3 9 31 3 10 31 44
Total 16 65 48 108 682 593 124 747 641 1512

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