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Don't know of any source online...all TN State Library and Archives has online is the index. However, you can order copies from them.
I went to my local library which had microfilm of the Tennessee Confederate Soldiers and Widows and took some notes.

Birdie J Land W5668, filed 10 Nov 1914, Knox Co., TN....accepted
Res: 136 E Delaware Ave, Rt 1, Knoxville
Resident of Tennessee 9 years
born 1857 N.C.
Maiden name Knight. file included the marriage certificate. Issued 14 Oct 1887, Greene Co., TN
Husband James J Land had received a pension (S6668 Greene Co., TN 63 TN Inf.)
James J Land died 30 Sept 1914, Knoxville, TN
Children: 1 daughter aged 23
Sent a letter March 1919 thanking Pension Examiner for restoring her to the pension roll
Marked on pension application that she died Sept 1937

Shem Mitchell S8436, filed 17 Sept 1906, Madison Co., TN
Res: Jackson, Madison Co., TN
Enlisted Sept 1861 in Co. E 27 TH Inf. Later in Forrest's Cavalry in Capt. J C Gooch company. Surrendered with Johnston at Greensboro, NC 25 April 1865
War caused his health to be so impaired that he never regained his strength and vision
Had suffered a stroke and was almost incapacited
Surgeon who attended him: Dr. Wingo, Surg. 27th TN Inf. Sent him home from Lexington TN Dec 1864
Didn't take oath
Married at time of application to wife about 60 years old.
Children: 5 males/5 females
able to earn about $3 per week
Dr. N.A. McCoy (physician's report): 23 May 1907.....partial paralysis
4 Feb 1907- letter to State Board of TN Examiners stated: never a slave (free man of color): enlisted in Co. E (Capt. Lawler) at Huntingdon, TN;paid like all others; volunteered
31 Oct 1906- TN Board of Pension Examiners: claimed to be in Co. E Regt and later Co. I 16 TN Cav.
Letter 28 Jan 1907- "It is now claimed that this man belonged to Capt. J C Gooch's company of Col. Wilson's Regt. TN Cav. Capt. Gooch calls it the 21st TN Cav.
letter 28 July 1907- J C Gooch responsed to Examiners who questioned if he enlisted as a soldier or was he merely a cook or servant. Capt. Gooch wrote "The party above referred to was servant in my command."
WAR DEPT: 5 Nov 1906- member of Co. E 27 TN Inf. Name appears on muster rolls 30 June 1862 to latest roll
WAR DEPT: 1 Feb 1907- name not found on file in Gooch's Co. I 16 TN Cav (also designated 21 TN Cav Wilson's)
Letter 22 Jan 1907, Capt. J C Gooch stated: "devoted to Confederate cause and rendered faithful service until his mule gave out. Being unable to get another animal for him to ride he was not able to keep up with us, Forrest's Cavalry, so we were compelled to leave him behind or send him home. So in Dec. 1864 I sent him to his home. We were at Lexington, TN, only about 30 miles from Jackson, Shem's home, when I sent him home."
Pension application was not marked "Accepted" nor "Denied"

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